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Posts from 2013

Revolver 2.2 Released

Merry Christmas Sitecore devs! And what better way to say Merry Christmas than by releasing a new version of Revolver for the Sitecore community. That's right, Revolver 2.2 is now available for download from the Revolver Download Page . Revolver 2.2 brings a variety of new commands for your scripting pleasure.

HTML Cache Lifetime

Any high performance Sitecore website will make good use of caching. After all, pulling already computed values from memory is much quicker than recomputing not to mention the required network trip to the DB to get the data to compute with. When it comes to individual presentation component caching, there are several options to allow varying the cached output on a number of aspects. For example,...

WeBlog 2.3 Released

WeBlog 2.3 has been released! You can grab the Sitecore packages from the WeBlog page on the Marketplace or grab the source from github.

Setting incompatible properties from parameters

Sitecore enables us to create reusable presentation components by allowing us to pass parameters to our component when it's used. Rather than hard coding everything required by the components, or reading it from some predefined location in the content tree, we can instead set the parameters of the component when it's placed on the page either through the presentation dialog or in the page...

Item Buckets and URLs

Update: Please also read to solve issues if you have common stopwords in your item names such as "and" and "or". So it seems everyone is having fun with Item Buckets in Sitecore 7. No seriously, go take a look at the social channels. Item Buckets open a realm...

Revolver 2.1 Released

Today I'm happy to announce the release of Revolver 2.1. You can head on over to the codeflood website to get the Sitecore package files right now. These will also be available on the Sitecore Marketplace very soon. This isn't a huge release, but does have some important new features. Let's take a look at each of these.

Post item:saved Event Handler Execution

Sitecore allows classes to subscribe to particular events so arbitrary code may run when certain "things" happen. Possibly one of the most often subscribed events is the item:saved event which fires when an item is, you guessed it, saved. Whether through the UI or the API the event will always fire. This is very handy for changing or cleaning up an item once the author has signaled that...

Always select a publishing target in Sitecore

At the end of last year I accepted a new position at eDynamic as the CMS Practice Head. And as such, I'll be posting many things on our company blog Digital Dynamics. I am happy to say that my first eDynamic blog post has been published, which talks about always selecting a publishing target in Sitecore. This article talks about various options for making sure content authors always publish their...

SME Review with More Dynamic Roles

When considering content ownership in Sitecore, you realise Sitecore is a bit of a hippy. It's not so much about who owns the content, it's about everyone working together in collaboration and harmony. This is evident in the default manner in which workflow works, and how authors push the content from workflow state to workflow state without needing to explicitly state who the content goes to. The...