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Configuring the Script Locators

For Revolver version 3+.

Script locators are used to locate scripts the user can execute.
Revolver includes 2 script locators OOTB, one for locating scripts in the Sitecore database and another for locating scripts from disk.

Script locators are configured through the /configuration/sitecore/revolver/script/locator configuration node which is defined in the App_Config\Include\Revolver.config configuration patch file. Below is the default script locator configuration.

<configuration xmlns:patch="">
    <!-- Revolver specific settings -->
        <!-- Defines the script locators -->
          <!-- Locates scripts from a Sitecore content database -->
          <database type="Revolver.Core.ScriptLocator.DatabaseScriptLocator, Revolver.Core">
            <param name="database">core</param>
            <param name="path">/sitecore/system/modules/revolver/scripts</param>
          <!-- Locates scripts from a folder on disk -->
          <file type="Revolver.Core.ScriptLocator.FileScriptLocator, Revolver.Core">
            <param name="path">/sitecore modules/shell/revolver/scripts</param>
            <param name="extension">rs</param>

Database Script Locator

The first locator above, given by the database node, configures a database script locator. This locator locates scripts inside a Sitecore content database. The following parameters can be set, given by the param child nodes.

<param name="database">core</param>

The name of the database to search for scripts in.

<param name="path">/sitecore/system/modules/revolver/scripts</param>

The path in the database to start searching from. Scripts must be a descendant of this item.

File Script Locator

The second locator above, given by the file node, configures a file script locator. This locator locates scripts in a folder on the same disk as the Sitecore instance. The following parameters can be set, given by the param child nodes.

<param name="path">/sitecore modules/shell/revolver/scripts</param>

The relative path to a folder under the Sitecore application to find the script files.

<param name="extension">rs</param>

The file extension to look for.