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EviBlog 1.6.1 Released

I’ve just dropped EviBlog release 1.6.1 onto the Sitecore shared source Trac project room for download. You can download the release from This release fixes a minor issue with the Windows Live writer integration. Previously posts created using Windows Live writer would have the body of the post published into the introduction field in EviBlog meaning the entire post was shown on the post list page, but nothing was shown on the post detail page. I’ve updated the integrated code to publish the post body into the blog text field. The introduction on the list page is now auto generated if the introduction field is empty by stripping any tags from the text field and using the first x characters. x can be set in your blog settings through the new Maximum Generated Introduction Characters field which defaults to 500. You can easily override this behaviour by populating an introduction into the introduction field of the post. Keep in mind that the introduction is shown on the list page in it’s entirety (no truncating) and also on the blog detail page before the text field is displayed.


Chris Gaskell

Just wondering how you can uninstall eviblog?

Alistair Deneys

Hi Chris, Unfortunately Sitecore doesn’t provide a mechanism to uninstall packages, so your best bet is to delete each subtree of items and files (and folders) contained within the package file.

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