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Sitecore 6.2 Revision 100507 Released

So what’s with all the silence? The Sitecore realm of the blogosphere has been pretty quiet of late. Perhaps everyone is still struggling to digest all that content from Dreamcore. It used to be that when Sitecore made a release everyone would be telling the world about it on their blog. But last week Sitecore released Sitecore 6.2 revision 10507, in much the same fashion as the 6.2 release. Quietest…Release…Ever…Again :) . OMG, I’ve become one of those people who repeats release info…well, not entirely. I didn’t get an email from Sitecore notifying me of the release. Granted we recently upgraded the spam filter at Next Digital, so I won’t blame Sitecore for the lack of fanfare. So just in case the email didn’t go out, or in case your spam filter ate the email as well, hey everyone, new Sitecore release! This looks like mostly a bug fix and performance tweak release. You can review what’s included in the release on the release history page on SDN at



Interesting…I’ve only been hearing about the new Sitecore Email Campaign Manager (ECM). We also wrote about the release, check it out!

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